Sunday, November 20, 2011

Normandy Day 3

Here we are, in Mont Saint-Michel. 

The first time I've been here, about twenty years ago, I was on the back of a motorcycle, it was raining and we didn't even stop to visit the place....I only have memory of a zoomed image of the Abbey. This time everything was perfect: right company (my two favorite men in the world), perfect weather and a comfortable car. 

The only thing that I miss about that period is my on Earth were those Monks able to go up and down the stairs 7 times a day? No doubts, an immense Faith was moving them. Also, did you know that there was only one bathtub in the entire Monastery and that all the Monks used it only once every 6 months? But the worse part is that, since it was too difficult to carry the water up, they all washed in the same water....just imagine the last guy! 

We didn't have the chance to try the famous Omelette de la Mere Poulard: instead we went for a walk in the bay and Josh loved it so much. Those quick-sands are really deep! While at the beginning you feel like you're walking on the Moon (not that I have any experience about it!) and you actually feel that the ground is sinking, then, in a few second you realize that the sand/mud is actually sinking and you are going down (where?) with it. So wicked! 


In the evening we went to our B&B: this time we weren't as lucky as in the previous days. This time "Mortimer" opened the door, he didn't say anything more than: "Room. Upstairs" and went back in the living room on his rocking chair, staring at the door. 
Giuseppe asked me if he was talking to his imaginary mother....
We double locked the room that night, you never know! 

As a final gift we drove to Saint Malo: ten years ago, when Josh was only 9 month old, the two of us came here for our two weeks of sailing class with Les Glenans (what about the separation anxiety?).  On our second week, we sailed from Paimpol to Saint Malo: 22 feet of tide twice a day, tide calculation, rain, wind, freezing water, French language, sick skipper and arrogant crew members...Such a wonderful experience! 
As much as the city looks impressive from the ground with its walls and fortress, it's nothing like when approaching it from the sea. We arrived in the evening on our 34 ft sailing boat, exhausted: we forgot to give the right of way to the Ferryboat so we almost got all killed, but then we slept in the port. At night, with low tide, the walls were towering upon us and we felt so small. In the morning, surprise! High tide and we were at the street level. Unforgettable. 

Oops, I almost forgot. We decided to get a coffee in a restaurant. 
Well, this also was an experience we will never forget: listen to what Giuseppe has to say about it. 

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  1. I used to live near St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall which is similar and never made it over the causeway to the island. Lovely pictures.


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