Thursday, November 3, 2011

Le Musee' d'Orsay

This if by far my favorite museum in Paris...knowing that it was transformed in a museum by an Italian architect makes me proud (lately it's such a rare feeling, with all that happens in the news). After a couple of years of renovation, finally it opened again and I couldn't wait any longer to visit it. Sorry, Giuseppe, next time you'll come with us. 
When we arrived, I saw this long line of people waiting to get their ticket and I almost changed my mind. But then, thanks to Josh, we were directed to the "priority line" (that's the benefit of visiting Museums with kids under 12) and so we were inside after one minute! BTW, kids have always free access to the museums, which is even better. The clock on the wall reminded us of Hugo Cabret...but it could be any train station in Paris. 
Pictures and movies not allowed, just a quick peek inside....

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