Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Normandy - day 2

Normandy is such a beautiful area...we almost decided to change our retirement plans: instead of Antibes, perhaps we'll buy a nice old home close to Honfleur (prices are apparently excellent), with  the freezing sea and the windy beaches...well, perhaps not. Let's say we stick to our plan and sometimes we take a plane and come up here, better in November, just in time for the Scallops festival. I'm not sure how the Summer is here, but certainly the colors of the leaves during the Fall are extraordinary. I can understand why so many painters came here to find their inspiration. I'd never been on the East Cost during the Foliage, but Giuseppe told me it's quite similar, just more on the green side here. 
The food is obviously great...I mean, it's still France (I'm not a big fan of the grenouilles - frogs - though, but I love les escargots). 

When we arrived in Omaha beach, we were surprised to see so many Americans around, but then I realized that we were on the day of All Saints, so probably many of them had relatives buried in the nearby American Cimitery. What a sight! So impressive...everything was quiet, then all of a sudden the American Anthem started, the flag was lowered. 
I was not in France, I was back in USA. 

We spent most of the day on the Normandy Landing sites. This is what Josh asked so many times, and I don't think he'll forget all the crosses. Sometimes a good experience is worth more than the books, when you need to learn history ...and its mistakes.

Later we went to our guest house: another great couple, the house was perfect and there were decorations everywhere for Halloween...even the ugliest cat I've ever seen. I though it was an ornament, so scary, ghostlike...but then it moved! The best Halloween decoration ever :)

The guy took us to a nearby Calvados Farm and, OMG, we couldn't resist. We bought Calvados and one of Cidre (better the first!). No we can get drunk at all times, between the Absinthe, the Rhum (from Rio) and now this. 

Unfortunately (and hopefully for Josh) we were late to visit the famous Bayeux Tapestry but it's a good excuse to come back here one more time. I absolutely want to see it. 
The journey was long, we were exhausted and, honestly, Bayeux doesn't offer quite much in term of nightlife...pretty boring actually. 
Better sneak under the blanket and have a good night sleep. Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow we go to Le Mont Saint-Michel!

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