Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Christmas holidays in Italy

I'm back in Paris, after spending almost two weeks in Italy with family and friends. It was good to see them all: we started on Christmas's Eve with a dinner at my mother's house with my sister and brother's kids, who are so grown up now.  

In a couple of month my brother will welcome his third son (only boys in our family!). We continued on Christmas day with lunch at Giuseppe brother's house with Anna Laura and the little Maria Elena all dressed up as Santa Claus. So cute. 

Then in the afternoon we had tea at my grandma's home and Josh spent a couple of hours playing with  grandpa's fly-simulator program. 

We finished on the 26th at the Giuseppe's parents house with all his family: this year Josh surprised his grandparents with a couple of poems recited in French! Well done Josh.  
No doubts: this was one gastronomic booth camp!  
We spent a couple of hours at my sister's home, where Josh had an intense workshop on how to smooth walls! 

Then we went up in the mountain to ski and we reunited with Cristina and Bernhard, some old friend of us (she's Portuguese, he's German, we met them in France, then they moved to Brunei and now they're back in Netherland....sounds familiar!). Josh and their daughter Ines got along very well, to our common surprise. 

We had a great time skiing and organizing snow-ball fights. Josh even skied with his grandpa so I had this great opportunity to take a picture of three generations of Caire (Giorgio, Giuseppe and Giovanni Sebastiano) on the snow! 

We celebrated the last day of 2011 by going on a hike (it was raining!!!!) on the Valle Stretta, which is across the France border, for 12 miles up. Ines and Josh were great, they never complained. Then we stopped by a mountain retreat at 4955 ft, the Rifugio Re Magi,   where we had polenta with sausage and cheese. Finally we came all the way down on the sleds. 

 The New Year's Eve was dedicated of course to the food, the songs, the drawing (Elisa and her parents also joined the company so we were 14!!!)  and the fireworks then we did our last skiing on the first day of year 2012 but the snow was so bad, we decided to call it quit at 1 pm and we took our train back to Torino. 

This morning, very early, we took the train to come back and that's it. A new year is waiting for us, with new adventures and, hopefully, same luck and same health as the past one! 

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