Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paris: we are here!

We made it! It has been a "dream" for so long, now it's real.
We left Torino with our 9 luggages, we traveled on the TGV (the high speed train) and now we are here.

We are in Paris, in our new home, 12 Rue Alphand (13eme arrondissement). The first surprise was that the house is on the top of a hill, within the Quartier we have to carry our bags or whatever we have up and down! The second surprise was that of course, to enter the house, there are 13 steps of a stair that is so steep, you almost need a chain! The house is small, compared with our home in South Pasadena (which is already one of the smallest home I know!!!). Unfortunately we had to face some problems since our entry....the water heater doesn't work, so we are getting cold showers. Tomorrow  hopefully we'll have it fixed. Josh loves his bunk bed but will need to get use to the lower ceilings or else he'll bump his head a million times. And the piano is out of tune....Giuseppe is nervous!

Obviously our first trip was to visit the Tour Eiffel: Josh couldn't believe how tall it is! We didn't climb it, yet, it was too late in the afternoon, next time. Then he went on a go-kart and tried to talk to a girl in French...of course she was American!

Bonne nuit!

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