Tuesday, August 16, 2011

-1 to Paris: Villa della Regina

I don't normally miss too much Italy, since leaving in California is so much easier. I miss my family and some habits, the food and the wine, but most of all I miss the history and the amount of ancient buildings. And from this video you can see why. This is only one of the 26 and perhaps more houses which belonged to the Royal Family...this one belonged to the Queen and was build in 1620. Josh was especially astonished by the panoramic view and by the fact that all the the frescoes in the main hall ("The Ballroom") were once again restored by my sister. Check them here:
 He just can't believe that someone so messy and crazy in her daily life as my sister can be so meticulous and precise in her job. Then he realized that he is just the same with his models....Well, at least he has a future as restorer!
By the end of the visit, he forgot the pain on his arm due to the vaccination against TBC...I know, nobody does it anymore in the world, not in USA nor in Italy. But in France is still mandatory to enroll the students in public or private school. Guess why? Just think about the name of the inventors: Calmette and Guerin, both French...and then you understand...


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