Saturday, August 13, 2011

- 4 to Paris

Well, it looks like the Italian vacation has come to an end. Everything was great!
First: we finally met the 2 new arrivals in our family: a boy (Giuliano Libero Fortunato....what a name!) from my sister and a girl (Maria Elena) from Giuseppe's brother. They are both adorable!
Second: I passed my exam so I finally received my M.D. license and I'll be allowed to work as a doctor in the USA....perfect timing for someone who's moving to Paris one year!

But now, let's go back to our vacation.

Here is Josh with his cousins Cesare and Pietro at Castello di Osasco, which is a XIII century  castle close to Torino.  The kids were supposed to use cardboards and paint to create castles...of course Josh reproduced Mordor (the Lord of the Rings), all black, while the other kids used all possible combination of colors! I think I'll enroll him in a painting class, perhaps he will start to use some color...

Here is Josh with grandma Annabella visiting the Royal Palace in Torino. I almost forgot how beautiful this city is!

During his first week in July, Josh spent most of his time at "La Vigna" (which means The Vineyard), the farmhouse on the hills of Pinerolo (30 miles from Torino) that Giuseppe's family owns since it was built in 1711. It's Josh's favorite spot here in Italy, since he can climb on trees, build machines (here he built with grandpa Giorgio a cable railway), walk up the hill, harvest zucchini, tomatoes and eggplants, and also explore the cave with its spring of delicious fresh water. Giuseppe and I will start this fall the renovation of "The Fienile" ("The Barn") which will be our retirement house, once we will return for good from the  USA....Not bad, right?

Sorry, I have to go out for an "aperitivo"....see you later!

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