Friday, June 29, 2012

School is over !!!!!! Arrivederci !

After endless dictation tests, math, history, geography, poems,  painful spelling and grammar exercises, countless hours in the class, exhausting home works, several field trips...the school year is over. It seems impossible but it's true. No more 6:45 am alarm clock, no more rushing to the metro, no more Mme P. 
Josh made it, we made it. 
Pretty soon we'll be back to our "regular" life in L.A. and French will only be a weekly class in Pasadena. 
It's been hard but exciting...and the memories will last forever. The people we met, these amazing kids, full of energy, passion and enthusiasm, their parents, so inspiring and brave, with their incredible background of experience. We laughed, we supported each other, we visited together this city, we had breakfast and dinners together, play dates, we kept in touch for emergency situations, we shared fears, disappointments, but also happiness and pride for our kids. In this city where we were all, more or less, foreigners, we bound and held on to each other as a team. Without the kids and the parents we met, this whole year would have been impossibly hard. 
Each of them has his/her spot, in my memory, in my heart. Each of them shared some of their time with us and I will always cherish their friendship. 

last day of school in front of EABJM
the Cafeteria next to the school

at "Cafe' Cosmos" for our last coffee after drop-off
farewell party at Square Saint - Lambert

As a dear friend once reminded me, “Arrivederci” in Italian,  means “until we see each other again”. So, to all of you, arrivederci and thanks for this year.

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