Monday, April 23, 2012

Voting in France

Here in France, you can vote by "procuration" i.e. by proxy. Quite different from the absentee ballot in USA. I'm not talking about nominating the Director of the HOA. I'm talking about selecting their President!
Since, as in this turn, the election day occurs on a holiday (all school are closed, it's Printemps...) and since going in vacation is the main activity for the French, well, they needed to figure out a way to prevent absenteeism and improve voter turnout here's what happens. 
Absent voters (you don't need a valid reason) designate a person to vote freely in its place on the day of an election. The process is conducted at the police, the gendarmerie, the district court or consular authorities. It's free and the only documents required are proof of identity allowed to vote (national identity card, passport or driving license for example). Then, you can relax, get in the car and forget about all this fuss..It's holiday, right?

I can't imagine what would happen in Italy if we were allowed to vote by proxy.....

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