Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is here !!!!

That's right. The days are warm, it didn't rain for at least four days in a row (a record that I had not yet had the opportunity to appreciate since my arrival), the trees are covered with blooms... but here in Paris, the two major clues that reveal the arrival of this season are : 1) the bistros have removed their wind and rain barriers, there are no more heaters between the chairs and the people are back in the dehors, sipping drinks, eating sandwiches and salads at the tables facing, one after another without solution of continuity, the sidewalks of the city  

2 ) the city is swarming with kisses, hugs and caresses at every street corner, in front of schools, in the metro, in the gardens, everywhere you look... adolescents, adults, seniors! All flirting relentlessly sometimes with so much passion to leave stunned even the most uninhibited among us.

The French and love ... a cultural fact well known throughout the world. Even Italians suffer from the competition in this field. I must say that all French men have their own style, elegant yet intriguing, to approach women. One example? The other day, in the hospital, a man in his sixties was sitting on the chair in the hallway waiting to perform a radiological examination. After a couple of minutes another patient, a woman, walk towards him and sat next to him. The man, with the most natural and sophisticated tone, exclaimed: "How lucky are you today, my lovely lady, to sit right here beside me!" Only in France!

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