Monday, February 20, 2012

London - day 4

After three days, we were ready to go back to dear old Paris. We walked once more to the St Paul Cathedral, then to the Tate Gallery and then back on the train.

There are a couple of things I won't forget about this trip to London: first, this city is much more impressive and beautiful than expected. I guess I imagined it as a cloudy gray big city and that's it. How I was wrong: it's cloudy, it's gray but it's spectacular. There are so many places we didn't have the chance to visit, such as a musical, the Dungeons, the markets so I hope we'll come back for another weekend. Second, the most dramatic and tragic discover: Josh has gray hair, just as me! I'm not kidding: two long perfectly gray and shiny hairs...he wanted them to be removed so he could check with his eyes so I did take them off, wondering if after all it's true that for each one you remove, seven new grow. I hope not. But then again: what's going on? With all the good things he could inherit from me (are there any?) why specifically white hair? At ten years old? Needless to say, he was desperate. He kept saying: "No, mom, not like you!". Thanks, I feel so much better now.

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