Friday, October 14, 2011

l'Arc de Triomphe

Our Saturdays are a bit of a challenge ever since Josh started school. Perhaps is because of the amount of home works or because we are tired of all the week, we tend to go out only in the afternoon. I know, there so much to see and so little time. Any how, this time we tried at the Grand Palais, but if was closed. Hopefully he'll visit it next week with his school, so there you go....problem solved. Thanks school.


Of course, I had to take my mom to "Leon's", the one and only restaurant where "moules" are in every serving. I ate here the first time years ago, in 1997, when I spent 2 weeks in Paris as a visitor at the Institut de la Main (coincidence! It's the same place where I'm working now....). My cousin took me here the first night and I remember I loved it. So many mussels in one dinner. OMG. Fantastic! 
It's still the same, after so long. Fast, good food and good prices. Josh didn't want to try them so he ended up eating the more classic "fish and french fries". Next time, maybe?

Since we arrived here in Paris, Josh kept asking me to go to visit the Arc de Triomphe. Well, it isn't precisely around the corner from where we live and, with the school and the work, we didn't have time yet. There is reason why Josh is so interested in this monument: a couple of days before we moved here, he spent an afternoon at my dad's home playing "flight simulator" and of course he was able to lift off from Paris CDG with his Piper and fly by night all over Paris. He tried a couple of times to get through la Defense, but without success. Then he decided to fly through the Arc de Triomphe and of course he crashed right at its base. Naturally he wanted to check by himself the dimensions of the monument.

Sorry Josh, you'll have to practice more in order to get in that "little" arch!

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