Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun and speed

I'm not sure if we decided to do the Go-Karting because of Josh...or because of Giuseppe. I'm more prone to the second answer. Well, Beppe has been asking for this since October, when Josh came to this circuit for a birthday party. 
Any how, since, as usual, it was raining outside, what better time to go indoor for some fun? 

We had separate sessions, adults and kids, to avoid crying and desperation among the young ones and prevent anti-sportive behaviors among the father! Josh had his first session and got a nice score. He was speeding and enjoying it, avoiding other cars who hit the barriers or made 360 degrees turns. He almost got out of his own car when he saw another kid stuck in the middle of the racing lane. Can you believe it? He wanted to  make sure that the kid was ok. 

Then it was our turn. 

It was ok...but while I was pressing on the gas, I was asking myself why did I agree to this? The hands were shaking like crazy, all my body was in pain because of the vibrations and the constant muscle contraction. Is this a sport? Really? Why would you do it? I don't understand. Of course Beppe doubled me ...but just because I realized only at the parking spot that the left pedal was the brake! The day after my lower back was so painful I almost couldn't walk. Never again.

Here's the movie of our performances: 

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