Monday, September 5, 2011

La rentree' (aka first day of school)

Here I am, Monday, September 5th.
My son, the Italian Giovanni Sebastiano, who lives in USA, attended his first day of school in a French class....Is he going to be mad at us  for all this changes when he'll be 14? Is he going to blame us for moving him from a Day Care in Torino  into USC day care then Monterey Hills School followed by Marengo Elementary and then EABJM in Paris to end back next year again (hopefully) in Marengo  in 6 years? Or is he going to appreciate the opportunity we gave him as a kid to explore and see new things?
Here I am, a scared mom, looking around all these new faces, with my endless anxiety and my continuous doubts....did I liked, when I was in elementary school, to be moved back and forth from one American school in Al-Khobar to an Italian school in Jeddah then to Italy? Not really, but my parents never asked....
I hope that he's going to be strong and self-confident and learn that friendship doesn't depend on the distance between houses. 
Am I the only mom who has these feelings?

He didn't seem to be anxious this morning: he saw some familiar faces, the kids that we already met a couple of days ago. He had his new backpack (no wheels allowed) loaded with 48 lbs of material (I'm not kidding, we had to buy all the books, notebooks etc).

When the French teacher arrived, he picked up his desk and waved goodbye to me just before the door was closed. Here she is, speaking a mixed language...

He later told me that they had to sort all the material, make sure they knew where to put the French books and the English books, how to use the agenda (they're supposed to write down every day the assignments), how to use correctly the fountain pen, etc .

So far, everything looks fine. Tomorrow he'll try the cafeteria... The menu is soooooo French!!!! 

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